3. Paragraph 2, point (a), does not apply to the reference to an enterprise agreement in paragraph 312, paragraph 1, point a) of the FW Act. (c) there is an agreement under item 3) between the worker and his employer, but the agreed regular hours of work are less than the usual weekly duration of the worker`s work; 2 Continued implementation of Australia`s wage and fair working conditions provisions (6) Despite the repeal of the EAC Act, the provisions adopted for section 172, paragraph 4 of the EAC Act continue to apply during the transition period, as if a reference to a business agreement in those regulations was a reference to a business agreement and a workplace provision. not disclosing information about a worker to others when it is established, on the basis of information, whether the worker is covered by an individual transition instrument based on agreements or by an individual employment contract of the State of Division 2B. 2. 2. For the purpose of applying Sub-Division D to an old IR agreement, the nominal expiry date of the agreement is considered the end of the term of the contract. 2. Subsection 272, paragraph 5, of the FW Act (which deals with the conditions relating to safety net requirements) does not apply to the determination of the workplace, unless that subsection prevents a workplace provision from including a clause that, if the conclusion is an enterprise agreement, would mean that the FWA would not be able to approve the agreement because of the operation of section 200 of the Act (which deals with workers` requirements).

Step two. If the person has taken time off during the period for which he or she is applying for Section (4) on a par score basis, the number of rest periods to which this subheading is applicable is calculated. The Australian government released the regulatory performance framework (the framework) as part of Spring-Repeal Day 2014, on October 22, 2014. The framework is an important part of the government`s commitment to reduce the cost of unnecessary or ineffective regulations imposed on individuals, businesses and community organizations by at least $1 billion per year. (b) if it is a union collective agreement or a multi-transaction contract that would be a union collective agreement, but for the de 1. Section 331, paragraph 1, of the CEC Act – the organization or organizations that would be covered by the collective agreement if they had come into force. 19 Division 2B Non-premiums/Convention Service 2B State reference agents can only be paid the minimum of State Party 3. Other requirements and amendments applicable to the agreement and modification of enterprise agreements during the transition period 173 (b) that should, in the current circumstances, be determined in the workplace.